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~ We have something exciting brewing for April 2023 ~


CGI • Illustration • 3D Illustration

The alliance of traditional arts and digital arts, located in the outskirts of Wellington, NZ.

07/12/2022 - this year has been a busy one! I have been working at A44, a New Zealand based video game studio, on the upcoming game Flintlock.
In parallel, my comic book project carries on and is now pushed to April 2023.

14/01/2022 - Traditional gallery updated with some news from the latest commission client. Commissions are currently closed.

This year, we also have a lot of comic book content coming up, watch this space for some news if you like graphic novels and comic strips ;)

08/01/2022 - there are new entries in the Digital Art section. Please note that due to confidentiality restrictions, my latest work is not online yet.

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