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Wild East Studio is a visual art boutique studio that loves exploring new ways and taking ideas for a little off-road ride.

Whether you are in touch with us for a traditional art request or for your graphic design needs,

we are always thrilled to collaborate on new projects from any horizons.

About us


"Hi there, I'm MC, passionate owner and operator at Wild East Studio. 

I have 14 years of experience in graphic design, and I have been working in the VFX industry since 2012.                               


As a Graphic Designer, I have been collaborating with various advertising agencies, architects, medical and pharmaceutical companies, entertainers, wedding planners and many more. 
I have been working at different levels of production, including creative execution and artistic direction, project management and communication strategy.


As an FX artist and CG generalist, I have worked at some of the top VFX companies for feature movies, which led me to travel to Canada and New Zealand, where I am now based. The most recent projects I've worked on include Avatar 2, The Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, Godzilla Versus Kong, Justice League, Shiang-Chi, Mulan, Fast and Furious...

In an effort to compile and share my experience in these fields, I have been a trainer for video editing, desktop publishing softwares and more recently procedural assets generation.


With a background in fine arts and graphic novels, I am also a passionate traditional artist. Since 2021, I have been co-writing, drawing and coloring 

"Eat Human", a comic book that should reach your local comic store when the pandemic stops dragging all the attention to itself.

I have created Wild East Studio with the intention to combine my proficiencies in both digital arts and traditional arts in order to propose original solutions to my clients."

Want to know more? Find my FX demoreel on Vimeo or find me on Linkedin:

  • MC's Vimeo
  • MC's Linkedin
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